ewoksserver 1.0#

ewoksserver is a Python project that can be used in two ways:

  • as a full-stack web application to create, modify and execute ewoks workflows through ewoksweb .

  • as a REST server to manage and execute ewoks workflows.

See the relevant section of the documentation below for each usecase.

ewoksserver is developed by the Software group of the European Synchrotron.

Use as a full-stack web application#

To use ewoksserver to create, modify and execute workflows, first install it with the frontend (i.e. ewoksweb)

pip install ewoksserver[frontend]

Then, start the full-stack app


The web app will be available at localhost:8000.


ewoks-server takes the port 8000 by default. If there are other applications running on this port (e.g. iTunes radio on Mac), another port can be chosen

ewoks-server --port 6660

Also by default, ewoks-server will save ewoks resources (workflows, tasks, icons) in the current folder. This can be changed through the --dir command line argument

ewoks-server --dir /path/to/ewoksserver/resources

Use as a REST server#

To start the REST server, the frontend requirements are not needed:

pip install ewoksserver

The server can then be started the same way


--dir and --port command line arguments are available to respectively change the resource directory and the port. To have the complete list of arguments, run

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